Avaible on gallery section, the pictures about olive campaign 2018!
Olive campaign 2018 will start on 1 October. Final preparations are now being made for the opening!
Our company rises in the countryside of Morro D’Oro in the heart of Abruzzo.
It is a gently hilly territory with a long tradition of extra virgin olive oil production.
Thanks to the protection of the “Gran Sasso” mountain range and thanks to the influence of the Adriatic sea, in Abruzzo we have the ideal microclimate for the wellness of the olive groves.

Olivarum manages its and third parties olive groves. Just like any other fruit, olives provide fragrances that are very different, dependig on the variety of plant. We manage diffent typical varieties of olive groves: leccino, pendolino, dritta and carboncella.
“Inerbimento polifita permanente” is a “sod seeding” method cultivation, that improves weeds’ control. Olivarum pratices frequent mowing to maintain the right humidity of the soil and the distribution of pesticides is carried out periodically with copper products.

Olivarum after 20 years of carreer is now a trademark of high quality extra virgin olive oil.