About Us

Roberto Fossemò

"The olive oil mill was built in 1997, at the suggestion of Corrado, my father-in-law, who exhorted me to use my skills in the olive sector. My family has been growing olives for generations and I took my State Certification Exam as agrotechician, specializing on extra virgin olive oil. Then, I became Official Taster of Panel Test Commision at the Chamber of Commerce. A destiny already written, we could say.

Applying my studies to the hard work experience with my father helped. It allowed me  to build an olive oil mill that was a synthesis of two worlds, the old and the new one: the old one using the traditional stone mill method, and the new one with decanter centrifuges.

I am every day rewarded by the olive grower’s trust that they have been showing us for the past twenty years."

Marco Fossemò

"The olive oil mill has marked me for life. Living with an olive grower means watching my dad working in the olive tree grove or in the oil farmland. I remember what I felt during those days. The olive oil mill becomes your home and you feel like you are part of a story. When your own life revolves around an agricultural product you obtain a unique kind of knowledge. With the general loss of interest in agriculture, knowing this sector makes you feel not only a worker, but like someone who bears the heritage of this world. This culture needs to be safeguarded and it needs to be transmitted in order to keep it alive."

Erica d’Amicis

“ << Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life >> said Confucio and I am so grateful to recognize myself in his words. Gastronomy has always been my passion, and when I met Roberto he revolutionized the way I considered it for my entire life: now I know how a top quality food is made. There is so much to learn about healthy food, myths to debunk, and a lot of information that people ignore. I am proud to be the herald of this world, and I am happy to get in touch with people who care about what they eat, that read labels and that are really interested in knowing the manufacturer. Olivarum means home, family and love to me. I wish our product could give you back what we live everyday."