Lemon’s oil & Chili pepper’s oil

Lemon’s evoo: not only olives are grounded

Olivarum’s flagship, the loemon’s e.v.o.o. is the last special oil that we make and the end of the olive campaign, where we use the last quintals of olives. After that we clean everything up, but the lemon scent will stir until January.

What makes it special?

Stone mills! Thanks to them, our lemon’s evoo is made without essences but using real lemons. We grind the lemons first and then we add olives to grind both together.

This way we produce the real lemon’s evoo and its taste is unique.

Chili pepper’s evoo: a family secret

 The secret of lemon’s oil is stone mills, whereas our chili pepper’s has a specific name: Sara.

Grandma Sara followed a totally original family recipe. Specifically, our chili pepper’s oil keeps its green color, without turning red, and its flavour does not hide the main course’s taste.

Every August we harvest our chili peppers and then we deliver them to her loving care.

She is the secret recipe’s only guardian.