Our Product

The extra virgin olive oil made here between October and November comes only from fresh olives, worked within 24H from the harvesting, under high hygiene’s standard and food health safety. We grind typical varieties of olives of our area named “leccino, pendolino, dritta, and carboncella” to get a medium and balanced blend.

The perfect match between olive tree care and olive oil professionalism gives us a high quality final product, fruity, with hints of freshly cut grass combined with a delicate balance between bitter and spicy, which makes it a top quality extra virgin olive oil (evoo)


How do you take care of olive oil tree?

Olive tree cultivation technique is made by permanent polyphite grassing with frequent mowing to guarantee the right degree of humidity to the hectares and to give to the soil the right amount of organic matter. We use only copper-based products for pest control, the only allowed in organic cultivated land.

Do you also have an organic certification?

Yes, we do. Our hectares has organic certification issued by “Suolo & Salute”, Italian Control Body (Controlled Operator no. 34705)

What do you use to break olives?

We follow the traditional stone mill method, which we believe is the best. Stone mill brokes the olives gently, which is better for the kneading. The risk of oxidation is avoided thanks to four oversized stone mills on a plate of 8 kilos, which reduce milling time.

What do you use for centrifugation?

We use an “Alfa Laval Decanter”, the sector’s leader brand

In which size is available your extra virgin olive oil?

At the moment the sizes are 5 lt cans and bottles of 0,100 – 0,250 – 0,500 – 0,750 lt.

Where can I find it?

We refuse large retails, so you will not find us in supermarkets. We reserved almost totally our e.v.o.o. to private citizens and high quality food shops.

Do you ship it? 

Yes, in the UE.